The Future of Online Trivia Events

We’re probably not going to have live Beat the Geek Trivia shows until Phase 4. Since so many dipshits out there refuse to wear a mask in public, it’s likely we won’t see Phase 4 for a while.

How would you feel about a pay-to-play system for online shows? Maybe $5 per player? This would not only allow me to keep Beat the Geek Trivia running, but let me pay the other hosts like Lexi, Zazzo, Mike, Chelsea, Clint, Arielle, Lou, Brad, Kylie, Nic, Calvin, Jax, and even Tim run a few shows. I know they’d love to see ya’ll! The new system I’ve built offers a high-quality audio and video stream to anywhere in the world, and you can meet with your teammates on any platform you choose, including Zoom, Duo, or Teams.

If you guys are willing to chip in a little, I can probably afford to put on two shows each week – maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays. If the demand grows, we can put on more shows. Thoughts?

One comment on “The Future of Online Trivia Events
  1. Brett Heinemann says:

    We would 100% pay something like $5 a person for trivia, no problem! We really enjoy the remote trivia nights even though in person is obviously better. Still, it makes the week a little more fun and helps make certain days stand out from the others! Appreciate your efforts in keeping this going so far…we’ve done I think three of the remote nights with friends and it has been a blast.

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