Today’s Beat the Geek Trivia

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Amie
    at The Lime
    Apr. 25, 2019, 7:00 PM

    Round Stuff
    Video Games
    Pictures -Celeb Shots - Men In Drag
    Music -Hard Rock and Metal Covers of Pop Songs
    And Portmanteaus
    BONUS - What is Iggy Azalea’s real name? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Lexi
    at Lost Canoe Brewing
    Apr. 25, 2019, 7:00 PM

    Famous Bars in TV and Movies
    Pictures -Clothespin Characters
    Music -2000s One Hit Wonders
    And Disney Movie Quotes
    BONUS - From where did J. Edgar Hoover obtain his law degree? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Zazzo
    at Beaumont Cellars Winery
    Apr. 25, 2019, 7:30 PM

    Chick Flicks
    Disney Deaths
    Pictures -Fashion Logos
    Music -Reggae Cover Songs
    And Palindromes
    BONUS - When did Einstein obtain his driver’s license? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Johnny
    at Lucky 7
    Apr. 25, 2019, 8:00 PM

    TV Show Spin-Offs
    Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Pictures -Rebuses
    Music -Classic Rock
    And Rhyme Time
    BONUS - What fake name does Bart use for his first prank text to Moe? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Mark
    at The Cock and Bull
    Apr. 25, 2019, 8:00 PM

    College Sports Team Names
    Pictures -TV and Movie Family Portraits
    Music -Classic Rock
    And Rhyme Time
    BONUS - Who was the first host of Wheel of Fortune (1975)? - 3 pts.

Upcoming Beat the Geek Trivia

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Zazzo at Pizza Coop
    Apr. 29, 2019, 7:00 PM

    White Stuff
    Pictures -International Flags
    Music -90s Music
    And Disney Potpourri
    BONUS - Starbucks got its name from a character in what book? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Mark at Juanita Pub
    Apr. 29, 2019, 8:00 PM

    Famous Twosomes
    James Bond
    Pictures -Watercolor Cinema
    Music -Mashups
    And Analogies
    BONUS - Chris Hardwick and Jenny McCarthy co-hosted what show on MTV? - 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Clint at Daman's Bar and Grill
    Apr. 30, 2019, 7:00 PM

    Famous People with Initials for Names
    Pictures -Celeb Shots - Seattleites
    Music -2000s Hip Hop
    And In Other Words - Proverbs
    BONUS - Draw a picture of your host winning an Olympic event – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Amie at Who's on First
    Apr. 30, 2019, 7:00 PM

    Three on TV
    Animated TV
    Pictures -Logos
    Music -Mashups
    And Rhyme Time
    BONUS - What year was Prince inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Chelsea at Ounces Taproom and Beer Garden
    Apr. 30, 2019, 7:00 PM

    D-List Celebrities
    7th Grade Literature
    Pictures -Rebuses
    Music -Riffs and Solos
    And Anything But English
    BONUS - What was the name of the WWII era mascot for Spam? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Kylie at The Cut Shop
    Apr. 30, 2019, 8:00 PM

    U.S. Presidents
    Pictures -Rebuses
    Music -Bluegrass Covers
    And In Other Words - RomComs
    BONUS - What was Buddy Holly’s real name? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Mark at Redmond's Bar and Grill
    Apr. 30, 2019, 8:30 PM

    Harry Potter
    Space Travel
    Pictures -Celeb Shots - Red Heads
    Music -Baby Songs
    And Rhyme Time
    BONUS - In astronomy, what is syzygy? - 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Johnny at The Point Bar and Grill
    May. 1, 2019, 7:00 PM

    Famous Bars in TV and Movies
    Pictures -Saturday Morning Cartoon Cinema
    Music -Richard Cheese
    And In Other Words - Proverbs
    BONUS - Who was the one and only captain of the Titanic? - 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Lisette at Sound to Summit Brewing
    May. 1, 2019, 7:00 PM

    Chick Flicks
    Las Vegas
    Pictures -Clothespin Characters
    Music -Riffs and Solos
    And Pixar Films
    BONUS - Dan Armstrong and Dustin Black wrote what “Definitive Compendium of the World's Favorite Canned Meat”? – 3pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Brad at Pinehurst Pub
    May. 1, 2019, 7:30 PM

    Disney Heroines
    James Bond
    Pictures -Watercolor Cinema
    Music -Baby Songs
    And Ad Slogans
    BONUS - What is the name of Stephen Colbert’s wife? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Lexi at Thrasher's Corner Pub
    May. 1, 2019, 8:00 PM

    In 2012… 1
    Roman Mythology
    Pictures -Characters in Lego - Game of Thrones
    Music -Songs of 2014
    And Potpourri
    BONUS - What was the name of Alice in Chains’ first full-length album? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Nic at Bert's Tavern
    May. 1, 2019, 8:00 PM

    Grey Stuff
    Pictures -Celeb Shots - Famous Bikinis
    Music -Songs About Making Whoopie
    And Sex!
    BONUS - What was the original name of the Harlem Globetrotters when they first appeared in 1926?– 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Mark at Tony's Sports Bar
    May. 1, 2019, 8:00 PM

    The Solar System
    In 2012… 1
    Pictures -Watercolor Cinema
    Music -Summertime Songs
    And 90s Movies Taglines
    BONUS - What is the Italian music that term means to play notes in a connected manner? It's the the opposite of staccato. - 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Amie at The Lime
    May. 2, 2019, 7:00 PM

    In 2012… 1
    State Capitals
    Pictures -Watercolor Cinema
    Music -2000s Hip Hop
    And In Other Words - James Bond Movie Titles
    BONUS - What does TCBY stand for? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Lexi at Lost Canoe Brewing
    May. 2, 2019, 7:00 PM

    Purple Stuff
    Famous Failures
    Pictures -Movie Villains
    Music -Late 90s Dance
    And In Other Words - Sitcoms
    BONUS - Introduced in 1992, the 700, 700C, and 700T were the first models of what? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Zazzo at Beaumont Cellars Winery
    May. 2, 2019, 7:30 PM

    Washington State Drivers License Exam
    Pictures -90s Toys and Games
    Music -TV Tunes - Animated TV Shows
    And Rhyme Time
    BONUS - If you want to be with me, baby there’s a price to pay. What am I, and what do you “gotta do”? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Johnny at Lucky 7
    May. 2, 2019, 8:00 PM

    Culinary Terms
    Religions, Faiths, and Cults
    Pictures -Logos
    Music -TV Tunes
    And Anagrams
    BONUS - How does one get rid of the fifth-dimensional imp named Mister Mxyzptlk? – 3 pts.

  • Beat the Geek Trivia with Mark at The Cock and Bull
    May. 2, 2019, 8:00 PM

    In 2007…
    Pictures -Pro Sports Logos
    Music -Mashups
    And Car Ad Slogans
    BONUS - What year was Stan Lee awarded his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? - 3 pts.


Read what other people say about Beat the Geek Trivia

" I love the trivia here!" - Nick M.

"They have trivia Tuesday nights called "Beat The Geek"... ...the guy who does the quiz is really cool and the questions are good." Stef. M

"A lot of fun!" - Kristine H.

"Trivia night is a blast." - Brenda A.

"Beat the Geek Trivia night is always fun." - Alison S.

"We've gone here mostly for trivia, which is always crowded..." - Jennifer A.

"I love the trivia nights!" - Steph C.

"I come "here" for two reasons. 1. Beat the Geek Trivia Night 2. The Food ...Mark is the owner/host of Beat the Geek Trivia. If there was an award for best trivia night host/announcer in the category of best voice, he would take the cake." - Teaira L.

"The trivia is done professionally and is definitely a challenge... They had really cool picture round, very creative. And lastly the music round was very entertaining..." - Stefanie F.

"Trivia night is loads of fun..." - Allison S.

"I'm here every week with boyfriend & roommate for Beat the Geek trivia nights." - Ginger N. (Hi Ginger!)

"We came here specifically for the BEAT the GEEK TRIVIA, This guy has a following and tours among different bars which I know because we just went to a trivia he was at the night before. The topics I personally was so excited for there fore I drove out further than my hometown for trivia... Super fun trivia!" - Stefanie F.

"...Mark Ricker (Beat the Geek) as always, provided a fun Trivia experience for all!" - Paige N.

"We come every week for trivia. Great vibe and lots of fun." - Allison D.

Private Parties, Holiday Parties, and Custom Events

Are you interested in a private trivia party or event for your group or organization? Beat the Geek Trivia does corporate parties, team-building events, holiday parties, and more! Contact Mark for details.

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Beat the Geek Trivia is a great way to entertain your customers and keep them coming back week after week. If you’d like to learn more about regular Beat the Geek Trivia shows at your bar or restaurant, Contact Mark for details.

The Game

Beat the Geek Trivia is a live, interactive pub trivia game. You can play by yourself or as a team. Trust us, it’s more fun with friends. If you don’t have any friends, you can probably find some on Amazon.

There are five rounds of trivia – two standard Q&A rounds, a self-paced visual round, a music round, and a final round. Your host will read each question out loud; you write your answer in your answer booklet.

Team Sizes
The maximum team size is eight players (limits may vary per venue). If you have more than the maximum number of players, you should split into smaller teams. You can play with more than the maximum number of players, but your team will be ineligible for a prize.

If you and your team score more points than all the other teams, that’s called “winning”. YAY YOU! Winners get a prize – Prizes vary per venue. Regardless, you should call your mom right away and let her know that she raised a winner!

The Rules

1. "No Googlewebbing on your iBerry"
Don't use your cell phone or other electronic devices to look up answers while playing Beat the Geek Trivia. I can't stop you from updating your status or texting your friend tell them how much fun you're having, just don't use your phone to get the answers. If you do, you risk feeling very badly about yourself.

2. “Don’t yell out the answers!”
I already know the answers, I don't need to hear them from you. Confer quietly with your teammates and write the answer down in your answer book. Remember, other teams are sitting close by so keep your discussions between yourself and your teammates.

3. “I am the judge, jury, and executioner…”
I have the final say whether an answer is correct or incorrect. If an answer is questionable or “almost right”, please let me make the call. If you have a dispute about a decision please discuss it with me at the appropriate time (like during a break or at the end of the game).

And just so you know…

  • Spelling typically doesn't count.
  • I usually need first and last names for famous celebrities.
  • Hosts can often be bribed with food, drinks, or boobs.

The FAQs

Q. Where do you get your questions?
A. I write my own questions. I stare at a wall for hours until inspiration strikes. I drink a Marktini, do some research on the interwebz, and then carefully script out the questions.

Q. Can I suggest a category for your trivia game?
A. Sure, if it’s a good category and I can write 10 good questions for it. If you have an idea, let me know.

Q. Do you host for private parties and events?
A. Yup! Beat the Geek Trivia does several private parties and custom events all year long. Contact me and we can talk about your event.

Q. What’s up with the AC/DC - Thunderstruck?
A. It’s a great song! That wicked riff and thundering drums always fires me up! I've tried a few times to mix things up and use a different opening song, but you guys didn't like it.

Q. The songs you pick for the music round are... (pick one)

  • Too old
  • Too young
  • Too obscure
  • Not my favorite kind of music
  • All of the above
A. I have regular players with ages ranging from 20 to 70. I try to cater to several time periods and genres in popular music. Considering the vast amount of music there has been in the last 50 years, if you only know half of the songs I play you should feel good about yourself. If your team is struggling with the music round, my suggestion is to add a couple of team members who know more music. Or, just feel good about the fact that you are being exposed to something new and different.

Q. What are you drinking?
A. Usually too much. I like Rum & Coke, Jack & Ginger, or a Marktini.

Q. What is a Marktini?
A. This is a Marktini. The more Marktini's you drink, the better they are!

Q. Are you looking for new places to do Beat the Geek Trivia?
A. Sure, contact me.

Q. Are you looking for more trivia hosts?
A. I've always got my eyes open for enthusiastic, interesting, and engaging people. Ask me for an audition. If you're good, we'll move forward. If you suck, I'll let you know. Email me.

Team Name Hall of Fame

Here's a list of some of the best team names I've heard in the last few years..:
  • "Fat kids are harder to kidnap"
  • "Beer, boobs, and bacon"
  • "One skin, two skin, three skin..."
  • "What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar?"
  • "I slept with Hermione Granger and caught Hogwarts"
  • "Governor Quiz Quistie"
  • "ButtNut"

  • And, of course, the Hall of Shame...
  • "Team Ramrod"
  • "My couch pulls out but I don't"
  • "Winners"
  • Beat the Geek Trivia is 10 Years Old!

    Beat the Geek Trivia is celebrating it’s 10th year of thinking and drinking, fun and challenging trivia quizzes, silly word games, amazing music mashups, impressive fan art, and the best trivia hosts in the business. Thank you for making the last 10 years such a blast!

    Recycled Paper

    Beat the Geek Trivia has switched to using 100% recycled paper for all answer booklets, hand-outs, and internal use. This accounts to 94% of all paper used by Beat the Geek Trivia. Please join us by not only reducing, re-using, and recycling as much as possible, but purchasing products made from recycled materials.

    The Hosts

    Mark Ricker
    Owner, Host, Jedi Master

    I started Beat the Geek Trivia in 2009 when I was recently divorced, unemployed, and bored out of my mind. I had always had a head full of trivial knowledge, but just knowing things like Albert Einstein’s middle name wasn’t getting me very far. I decided to put that useless knowledge to use. Since then, Beat the Geek Trivia has grown beyond my expectations and is now a full time job for me.

    Before Beat the Geek, I worked in IT, sales and business development, and mortgage lending. I shaved my head in 2001 and never looked back. I don’t have any kids or pets, but I’ve kept a houseplant alive for over 10 years (I think I might be ready for a goldfish now). I was born in New York, but I’m a Chargers fan. In my spare time, I write hate mail to Justin Bieber and negative reviews of the movie Armageddon. My favorite drinks are rum & coke, Jack & ginger, and the legendary Marktini.

    email Mark

    Mike Faris
    Host, Manager, protocol droid fluent in over 6 million forms of communication

    I gave the worst performance of my life as an 18-year-old at summer camp while emceeing a talent show. After that night I may have never picked up a microphone again except that later that year my college dorm wanted me to host the school-wide lip-syncing contest. Not bad, but not all that good either. These days I’m pretty comfortable behind the microphone whether it’s as the public address announcer for high school basketball games, the master of ceremonies for more wedding receptions than I recall, or hosting trivia for years now.

    Highlights in my life up to this point are riding the bike from the ET movie at Universal Studios, winning the grand prize in a radio station giveaway for a Felix Hernandez signed baseball and discovering I don’t like Waldorf salad. My geek credentials include that I’ve willingly been to a Star Trek convention, I read tech blogs every day, and that my mother-in-law says that I’m “good with the computers”. Next time you’re at trivia, fill me in on some of your geek cred.

    email Mike

    David Zazzo
    Host, Marksman Stormtrooper

    Hi there, I’m David – but most people call me Zazzo.

    My best friend and I stumbled across Beat the Geek Trivia in 2016 at one of our guys’ nights and have loved it ever since. After playing for several months, I thought to myself, “it would be really fun to be a trivia host.” I talked to Mark, gave it a shot and auditioned, and here we are!

    By day, I work at a “local software company” doing cloud-y things. By night, though, I indulge my strong passion for technical arts and production – lighting design, audio engineering, video engineering, etc. I enjoy building systems for auditoriums, mixing live sound, and generally making things look and sound good. When I’m not geeking out on that stuff, you can find me at Sounders FC home games cheering on the boys in Rave Green.

    My weaknesses are a good vanilla latte, Captain and Coke, or just a good solid beer (but not too hoppy – no bitter beer face for me).

    I’m excited to be your Beat the Geek Trivia host!

    email Zazzo

    Amie Weaver
    Host, Mace Windu’s Hair Stylist

    Howdy! I’m Amie.

    Since 2013 I’ve spent many a night on the mic singing karaoke and, in turn, getting comfortable with hearing my voice blaring throughout the room (even if it’s off key or slurred). I decided it would be fun to get a side job hosting trivia and now here I am!

    My favorite trivia round has always been the music round. I love country music (don’t worry – Mark doesn’t let me play much of this), top 40, classic rock, and oldies. I can’t imagine a day in the life of Amie without music. In fact, I’m actually a professional singer in the shower and car (no, I don’t do private gigs – sorry folks).

    During the day, I work as a tech support specialist. I have a huge heart and have always had a passion for working with children and families. Don’t bother wasting your time arguing with me, because I can give you the scowl and put you in your place. I also have two older twin brothers, so I am not at all afraid of standing up for myself or talking smack right back at ya.

    I am fluent in sarcasm and love being social. My drink of choice is a tall vodka press or a refreshing light “girly” beer. I look forward to meeting all my lovely trivia teams and seeing just how smart you are.

    email Amie

    Brad Lakey
    Host, Death Star Garbage Chute Maintenance Technician

    I was born and raised in the PNW and have been all over the world since for a myriad of reasons. I’ve always had a problem forgetting things I really need to remember (like my wife’s name) and remembering things that bear absolutely no relevance to any real-life situation (Emperor Caligula’s name translates to “little booty”). I always chalk it up to multiple TBIs but that never really fixes anything. In 2012, I started playing Beat the Geek Trivia, and I suddenly found a use for all of my useless knowledge.

    I enjoy the outdoors, board games, retro video games, tasty (and not tasty) beer, marksmanship, and geeking out about whatever tv or movie franchise I’m currently indulging in. I’m a huge Huskies and Mariners fan. I also enjoy sharing what little knowledge of consequence I possess with others and learning new things (which I’ll probably quickly forget). I’m fascinated with social themes and history and how we manage to keep messing it up. The tiny bright side of such a crazy story is that we get lots of cool trivia knowledge, which I get to read at local watering holes, and you can get rewarded for knowing.

    See you there!

    email Brad

    Kylie McElrath
    Host, First Assistant Dishwasher in the Death Star food court.

    I was born and raised on the Eastside in the Hollywood Hills area, which is has now become the Napa Valley of Washington. While I may not revel in sci-fi lore, my inner geek comes out when talking about anything Broadway or theatre related.

    During the day, I am a drama teacher. It’s perfect for me because I used to travel the country performing children’s theatre across the country.

    My hobbies include playing 3-chord songs poorly, reading into everyone’s horoscopes with way too much intensity, and binge-watching Rick and Morty.

    My favorite drinks are jack and sour and a good Arnold Palmer. Hope to see you at a show soon!

    email Kylie

    Lisette Frankton
    Host, Chewbacca’s Speech Therapist

    Hello all!

    Another native Washingtonian here, powered by rain and strong coffee. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world living working on cruise ships for several years, which is where I got into hosting trivia originally. The categories in which I dominate are world geography, history, mythologies, 90’s alternative rock, adult cartoons, drinking terminology, and the works of Victor Hugo.

    During the day I still work in the cruise industry, but get to do it from home in my slippers while the rest of you sit in traffic. In my limited spare time I appreciate good red wines, beers, and whiskeys, am an avid amateur baker, and enjoy being on the water with my hubs, ankle biter, and Australian shepherd-mix.

    Look forward to quizzing with you, cheers!

    email Lisette

    Nic Wuest
    Host, Yoda’s ear hair trimmer

    Hi, my name is Nic.

    I was raised in Orange County, CA. After that, I lived in San Diego. Now I’m here in beautiful Western Washington, and I love every bit of it.

    I have always enjoyed playing trivia – even if I don’t know many answers, it is still a blast to play and test my knowledge of useless facts. Sports is my life! I am NOT a Seahawks fan (I absolutely can’t stand them). The Mariners are not my favorite team either. The Sounders, however, are the one Seattle team I cheer for. I’m a HUGE country music fan. Hee haw!

    By day I drive people around and sit in this wonderful Seattle traffic. By night you could find me with a cold beer or a nice whiskey and Coke. I Look forward to seeing you out at a show.

    email Nic

    Lexi Montgomery
    Host, Porg

    Hi, my name is Lexi.

    I was born and raised in Washington State. Oddly enough, I still love it here, and I love being part of an amazing community. Go Hawks and 12’s!!

    Since I was young, I have loved possessing useless information. I could never remember what homework I did last night, but I always remembered how to get gum off any surface, what that random song on the radio was, and the total number of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Useless trivia just seemed to stick to me!

    My hobbies include binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, reading whatever books I can get my hands on, and dancing like a fool to all kinds of music. By day I work at a commercial diving shop that provides gear for underwater welding, and I’m currently a full-time student. I spend most of my nights working feverously on homework. My favorite drink is Crown and Coke.

    I’m excited to meet all of the amazing trivia teams and see if you can Beat the Geek!

    email Lexi

    Johnny Glenn
    Host, Mani/Pedi specialist for the Hutts

    Hi All, I’m Johnny – a Washington native who frequently looks around and thinks, “we are so lucky to live here!”

    I’m a huge Seattle sports fan, but my real love are the heart breakers known as the Seattle Mariners (R.I.P. Dave Niehaus). I’m into gaming, horror films and finding new ways to harass the wonderful women in my life. I dig pinups, good music and shooting darts. My favorite drink is beer, especially good beer! I’m a super adventurous eater, but I always throw down for pizza. Something about me that surprises people is that I’m a Swedipino (Swedish/ Filipino).

    See ya out there!

    email Johnny

    Chelsea Moniz
    Host, Kylo Ren’s pants

    I’m Chelsea

    I’m very excited to be working with Beat the Geek Trivia. I’ve always been in love with theatrics, but this is as close to being in a spotlight as I want to get. Usually I prefer to be behind the scenes, but hosting trivia is just so much that I had to break out of my shell!

    Come hang and be goofy with me!

    email Chelsea

    Clint Cheves
    Host, C-3P0’s Psychotherapist


    I’m Clint and I am one of those stupid millennials. I have a fear of change. I still live 15 minutes from where I was born, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Pop culture, movies, music, technology, ancient history, and general nerdom have always been a big part of my life; just ask the people that cheated off me in high school.

    While the rest of my friends were scoring touchdowns, I spent my nights reading an episode-by-episode synopsis of Scrubs. It took until the seventh grade for me to get out of my pre-pubescent cocoon and, despite my Coke machine-like physique, I started playing sports. I never forgot my first love of knowing things that probably won’t matter, though, but it now included athletics.

    I love sports, technology, religion, the Lakers, and [censored]. My other loves are Jameson, a good light beer, and [censored]. I’m super stoked to be doing trivia for you guys. Let’s get drinks and talk pop culture!

    email Clint

    Arielle Albinger
    Host, Thala-Sirens Milkmaid


    My friend and I stumbled upon Beat the Geek Trivia years ago. We fell in love with Mark, the host, and the trivia is the best around. We were instantly hooked! Mark would occasionally mention that he was looking for new hosts and I would always say, “pick me!” Apparently, for years he thought I was kidding until he finally invited me to try out! It’s a blast hosting for a bar full of enthusiastic trivia players and meeting new people!

    By day (and weekends, often) I am a realtor. I enjoy the negotiations and the wrangling, but the best part is getting the right home for my clients. However, drinking, reading trivia questions, and hanging with my friends is far superior!

    I look forward to seeing you guys!

    email Arielle


    Beat the Geek Trivia is always looking for energetic and funny trivia hosts. If you think you sound good on a microphone, you like talking in front of a crowd, and you’re not a moron, you should audition.

    email Mark if you’re interested.